Mystery of red lipstick.

Mystery of red lipstick.

Mystery of red lipstick.

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In today’s era, every woman wants to look  beautiful. But women are very worried about this. How they look like.70% of women use lipstick to look beautiful. Today we will talk about the mystery about lipstick.
Most women use lipstick to show themselves beautiful. There are many colours lipstick in today’s era. But very few people know when lipstick started, why was it red.
Why not make another colour for lipstick?
The red lipstick is quite old. But how did he become so iconic? Let’s talk about this.
3000-30 BC ancient ladies of Mesopotamian were used crushed gemstones to colour their lips.its said that Cleopatra used crush ants, carmine and beeswax to colour their lips also.
Middle In the 15th century, the use of red lipstick was stopped for a short time, because people believed that small-scale women used this colour only. After some time Queen Elizabeth started it back. The colour of the red lipstick started again.
In the 17th century, the Britain Parliament was banned on the Red Lipstick for a short time. They have enacted such a law that women using lipstick in weddings mesmerize men. And during that time, this work used to witch.
And in the 19th century, Maurice Levy invented the first Mattel lipstick tube.
And every TV actress of that time started appearing in the red lipstick. And from that time the Red Lipstick period began. Various types of changes were seen in 1970‘s lipstick colours. In today’s era, red colour lipstick is seen in the colour of the classy look.The history of red lipstick is quite interesting and quite mysterious also.
Fashion varies according to time. Fashion is about something that comes ftom within you.

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