Sanjana Karnani

Sanjana Karnani

In today era business and entrepreneurship is no more defined by gender. We have to introduce you an ambitious lady with a great personality.
Sanjana karnani is an E-commerce entrepreneur, speaker, and founder-director of Verdure Plus, MMK Life, Kitchen Deeva and Emprell.

Sanjana Karnanai was born in Maheshwari family in Mumbai. she moved to Mumbai to attend the Indian institute of planning and management, to complete a master degree in marketing and HR.
After master, she worked in Siemens in Bangalore, India.
In 2005 she tied the knot with Mihir Shah and move to London. to continue studies, she went to Westminster University to do MA in HRM.
Sanjana’s father, Dr Madan Karnani is managing a home range of pharmaceutical Ayurvedic product for the past 35 years. When Deeva was 2 years old, to have work-life balance she starts something of her own to keep her life busy, in 2012 Verdure Plus launched. Verdure plus and her subsequent ventures MMK Life (organic food), kitchen Deeva (organic dairy) and Emprell (fashion) have managed to garner its own set of the regular clientele of the past 7 years.
British daily newspaper Times of Guardian covered her success story.
Sanjana is associating as a member of the working committee the Bhawan, UK (Home of Indian arts).
She is working hard culture awareness in MMUK (premier organisation for Maheshwari’s in the UK) and helping children of underprivileged Maheshwari’s in India.
Sanjana believes that women have to take a greater role and thus encourages women’s skill development and entrepreneurship. Sanjana calls herself a ” compassionate capitalist”.
Apart from this, Sanjana is much interest in Indian classical music.
Sanjana is selling personal care products and working with health and personal care industry, Grocery industry, beauty sector, vitamin and mineral sector, supplements sector.

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