King Akbar sought forgiveness.

King Akbar sought forgiveness.

Such an anecdote of history in which Akbar apologized to a woman.

Hello, Guys, All of you have read the pages of history in your school and college time, but there are some stories and stories which are not seen in the books and those stories remain on the lips of old people’s elders. Let’s talk about Anecdote who will not be mentioned in any school or college book.

The point is when Akbar’s reign was under the rule of the Delhi Sultanate. At this time, Noroz fair was organized in Delhi in which men were not allowed to come. Entry only for women. In the fair only women’s jewels and clothes were found due to this, Akbar’s slave used to seduce the women and take them to Akbar’s palace. In those days, the Maharana Pratap’s brother Shakti Singh and daughter of Shakti Singh, Baisa Kirandevi had come to the fair to see the goods of decoration and to do some shopping. Akbar called his maids and called Kiran Devi to his palace by fraudulently And tried to touch baisa, Kiran Devi. Akbar’s intentions did not look right. Baisa Kiran Devi took out the fork and kept Akbar’s neck saying that it seems that you did not recognize me, I am the niece of Maharana Pratap, The fear of which is also in your dream. This filthy thinking of Akbar bowed to him before a Rajput woman. Then Baisa Kiran Devi told  Akbar will never face Noroz fair any time after today and no woman will be ashamed in this way.

This incident has been described on page no. 632  in the Sagat raso.

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