5G has been come.

5G has been come.

5G has come.

Hello Friends, Which phone do you have on 3G 4G? If you are using 4G, then get ready for a new awesome experience of 5G network.

Today, we will discuss what the 5G network is using and what kind of features it has on the phone, what kind of speed it gives. Now the launch of the 5G Network India has not been launched, there are discussions about it, very few people knows that about the 5G network, how it works. Let’s talk.
The 5G network is going to transform completely from the Internet. In a way, 5g will be a software-defined network. This network will be used by cables. In the operating system of the network, the cable will not be completely removed.5g network will largely operate in the cloud instead. This means that you get 10 times more speed than 4G. if we download a 1gb data file in 3g network. 3g would take about 24 hours, on 4g it will take 10 minutes but 5g takes 4 seconds.
In 5G, not only the internet capability, but also many things you will see.4G follow Our command in 40 milliseconds, but 5g will takes 1 millisecond. The 5G network will control the robots, medical devices, industrial equipment and agricultural machinery also. 5g network will boost internet capacity and thus improve its visitor’s online experience. Big companies like Reliance, Idea, Airtel are providing a 4g network in India. Reliance was the first to bring 4G networks in India.
But so far no news has come for India to have a 5G network in India.

Now the big question is this, when we will use 5g?
Well, not yet it says that it will launch in 2021. 5g is launching by big companies Like HUAWEI and ZTE.

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