Indian Bicycle history 2000 years ago.

Indian Bicycle history 2000 years ago.

Indian Bicycle history 2000 years ago.

Hello, friends, You all have cycled but you have ever tried to think about where the history of cycling has started. It is said that the bicycle was made by Baron Karl von Drais in Mannheim in southwestern Germany 200 years ago. They had assembled the bicycle by collecting their household items. And he did a 14-km trip within a time limit of less than 1 hour. The bicycle was made of wood and it had wheels on it. There was a system to sit on the bicycle, but there was no pedal but It was run with feet. As stated in the photo. But to the extent that this is true, let’s talk about this.
It is said that there was cycling in Germany but it is not true that the bicycle in India had already been completed 2000 years ago, we are going to discuss this today which is a very interesting topic. India’s history is considered to be thousands of years old, in which it is also a part of history, but many people do not know about the fact that the bicycle was built in India just before 2000 years ago. There is a temple in Tamil Nadu in south India that is being 2000 years old.
This temple of Lord Shiva is in located in Woraiyur, a suburb in the town of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu. The 1800 to 2000 year old history of this temple was well described in the picture, in which a picture of a bicycle is stated in which the person is running a bicycle by placing legs on the pedal. In India’s history, many such strange things get noticed, but people have little knowledge about it that in 2000, the invention of bicycles was started in India, the invention of bicycles in Germany has been told 200 years ago. From the pictures found in the Shiva temple, it is known from the pictures that the bicycle had been built by Indian technology in 2000 years ago, which was re-built in Germany using the technology of India. The history of India is composed of many such strange things, but people express little desire to know the history of India. If you like to know the old history of India, then share it as much as possible.
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